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Referral Program - $25 discount for you!
Referrals only apply to players that have not been part of OPA before.

We have a referral program that can save you $25 per new player that registers for our Academy. Here is how it works.  
Step 1: Sign your child up for our Summer Academy. 

Step 2: Ask your club teammates or friends if they would like to attend our Summer Academy. Please make sure they are at a similar ability level to your child. We want to make sure the level stays high.  

Step 3: Email their full name and email address to with Subject Line: Referral-Summer Academy  

Step 4: I will send them an invite.  

Step 5: When they register I will send a $25 refund to the payment method you used to sign up for our Summer Academy. 

There is no limit to how many referrals you can give. Each referral that signs up is $25 back to you!
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Contact Info


OPA is a soccer training academy for high level players. We are not a club but a supplemental program that works alongside your club and HS programs. Our goal is to improve your all round game and maximize your performances when competing for your respective club/HS. 

Jason Griffiths: Founder

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