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Jason has been nothing but helpful for me throughout my soccer career. Ever since I met him, he has wanted the best for me in every aspect whether that was on the field or in my personal life. Not only is he a great coach to be close with because of all of his networking with college coaches, but on the field he has taught me many things that I still use in my game today. His trainings are very intense, which developed me into a gritty, determined player. He is constantly focusing on the little details that most coaches skip over, but are so crucial to bettering your game. Tactically he is a very smart coach, which helps increase your soccer IQ. Everything about him is positive. If you want this type of coaching I highly recommend OPA. It is a group training environment with the best players in the area!


Lincoln Ulrich - Coastal Carolina Men's Soccer - D1

I thought the training was very intense/rigorous. It really helped me start to develop a sense of a higher level training and playing style. Jason gave me very specific and helpful things to work on that helped bring my game up another level. Often times it was just a little tweak that he would give me and I still remember them today. Jason really built a lot of really good habits in me. I also liked how he gave me position specific advice that helped me create new chances, specifically in the midfield. Most of all though all the sessions I looked forward to because it was so fun. I looked forward to working with Jason every session because I knew he was there to make me better and it would be a fun and intense training session. 

Jayden Lunsford - Bowling Green Men's Soccer - D1

If you want a professional and high intensity training session to get you ready for college, OPA is the best environment to do so. Jason's sessions are high intensity and really focused on me individually to improve my specific needs. The level of the other players was also very high so I was able to compete against the best players in Columbus which helped me raise my game even more.

Luke Butzier - Ohio Premier/Berlin HS

Adrien has been working with Coach Jason since he was 5. When he offered him the opportunity to train with OPA we didn't think about it twice. Practices are super challenging, yet fun. Jason pushes the kids to be their very best. The boys look up to him, they are super impressed by his soccer success and love him as a coach. Jason knows what it takes to play at the college and professional levels having done it as a player and coach. The group was incredibly competitive, which was great. OPA helped Adrien grow as a player, and we highly recommend the program to anyone looking for a serious club neutral, supplemental training program. 

Julia Davis (Adrien Davis' mom) - Barca Academy

With Jason’s background as an elite, professional player and successful NCAA Coach, he understands how to create a strong training environment.  His approach to challenge each player to improve at each session is evident.  He is truly creating a club neutral experience where players and parents can be certain player development is the only goal!  My boys have been able to improve as players and meet other top players from the greater Columbus soccer community. 

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OPA is a soccer training academy for high level players. We are not a club but a supplemental program that works alongside your club and HS programs. Our goal is to improve your all round game and maximize your performances when competing for your respective club/HS. 

Jason Griffiths: Founder

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